Juan David

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"It is time to decolonize therapy, people deserve a safe space affirmative of their unique individual intersectionality."
Dr. Juan-David Rivera-Del Valle LCSW, DSW

My Approach

In therapy, we will work collaboratively, utilizing a blend of cultural humility, intersectionality, psychodynamic theory, and other approaches to create a safe and respectful space that honors your unique individuality. We will affirm diverse relationship structures, sexuality, gender identity, and cultures and explore how they intersect with cognitive patterns. Together, we will address challenges such as anxiety, depression, conflicts, grief, trauma, and life changes, including gender transitions, among others. Join me on this journey of understanding, healing, and growth.

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Psychotherapy Services

Online psychotherapy for adults, inclusive of diverse identities.

Consultation Services

Consultation services are available for psychotherapists and organizations.


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